The best way to know the self is feeling oneself at the moments of reckoning. The feeling of being alone, just with your senses, may lead you to think more consciously. More and more of such moments may sensitize ‘you towards you’, towards others. We become regular with introspection and retrospection. We get ‘the’ gradual connect to the higher self we may name Spirituality or God or just a Humane Conscious. We tend to get a rhythm again in life. We need to learn the art of being lonely in crowd while being part of the crowd. A multitude of loneliness in mosaic of relations! One needs to feel it severally, with conscience, before making it a way of life. One needs to live several such lonely moments. One needs to live severallyalone.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


In the latest development in the ongoing ‘The Interview Demise’ saga, escalating even more the tension between the United States and North Korea, the elite nation of the elite ‘Rogue League’ of the selected world nations has proposed a joint investigation into the November 24 cyberattack, popularly known as ‘Sony Hack’, a crippling attack on the global electronics giant Sony with major presence in the entertainment industry with ‘Sony Pictures’, that according to the estimates, can cost the company some half a billion US dollars. ‘Sony Hack’ has become a prestige point for the US now.

Seeing the panic in the US, that forced even Barack Obama to intervene and issue statement, as part of the ongoing damage control exercise to look confronting the might of the North Korean cyber-warriors and fans (hackers) of the regime and Kim Jong-un spread across the world and in China, the elitists of the elite rogue nation have offered Uncle Sam a proposition, an offer, a window of opportunity, that the US lawmakers would feel trapped in accepting or rejecting.

A North Korean official yesterday proposed the joint investigation. But it doesn’t mean it was like extending an olive branch. It doesn’t mean the ‘Kim’ nation is adopting, of late, any soft or humanitarian approach towards its detractor of decades.

Disguised brilliantly as ‘an offer to help’, the offer comes with a rider – it is for the US to decide on and accept the offer and carry on the investigation jointly with North Korea – if Uncle Sam has to get results out of the damage control exercise – and that has to be done, the decision, in time – and if the US doesn’t do so, the consequences will be grave.

The Independent yesterday quoted statement of an official of the North Korean Foreign Ministry that says: “As the United States is spreading groundless allegations and slandering us, we propose a joint investigation with it into this incident. We have a way to prove that we have nothing to do with the case without resorting to torture, as what the CIA does. The US should bear in mind that it will face serious consequences in case it rejects our proposal for joint investigation and presses for what it called countermeasures while finding fault with.”

See, it is so direct and serious!

It seems the North Koreans have smelled an opportunity here to launch the next crippling cyberattack on the US on this pretext because they know the world has got the message that it was indeed the North Korean cyber-expertise even if the official line says it was not. After all, deception and lies have been the most important tools of North Korean government under the ‘Kims’.

So, beware the world and the United States! The problem is more serious for the US here, because the North Koreans chose to begin with a US product, The Interview, a movie, caricaturizing the great, limping, oversized Supreme Leader. Now, it was not new for North Korea and Kim Jong-un. It happens with all great people initially. But, it certainly gave the North Koreans an opportunity to test-launch their next ‘rogue’ tool and they cashed it well.

But, for the US, the condition is of being in a state of indecision, deep dilemma, hanging in the zone between Scylla and Charybdis. They cannot accept the offer as the US cannot be seen working jointly with North Korea in this ‘prestige war’ given its geopolitical stakes in the world affairs and its long history with North Korea that is indeed a ‘history of hostilities’. After all, extending a helping hand even to an enemy can only be expected from the greats and the greats-in-making like Kim Jong-un. But rejecting the offer has the rider of ‘grave consequences’ ready.

Sources say the top US leadership is meeting in the White House at the earliest to discuss this latest and ‘dangerous’ twist in the ‘Sony Hack’ saga. But, at the time of writing this, there was no update on the high-level meeting.

While the Kim’s wrath-making machinery is busy curating its next step from the outcomes so far in the ‘Sony Hack’ opportunity.

God save America!

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Kim Jong-un, the young and the oversized, achieves what his father, the perennially ill and the undersized, Kim Jong-il, and the shadowy North Korean Nukes couldn't - taming Uncle Sam – dragging ‘The Interview’ and ‘Team America’ in suspended animation for now – forcing even Barack Obama to speak on the issue- after all, there are hackers who love the Supreme Leader and can die for the new ball of the North Korean fat in the perennially famished nation..

Here is the list of his achievements after this biggest scoop in the very small career he has had so far, after taking over the responsibility of the North Korea’s glorified tradition of being the frontline nation of the Rogue League of the world in December 2011 at the tender age of 28 after demise of his father.  

He is manly in his own ways – limping, oversized – with self-styled hair and a broad trademark smile..

Here it goes..(please don’t read the numbers as ranks, that would be akin to belittling the efforts of the young honcho).. 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 1: successfully frightens Uncle Sam, Sony and theatre owners to pull ‘The Interview’ and ‘Team America’, two movies with plots caricaturizing and assassinating Kim Jong-un

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 2: tells the world in certain terms about North Korea's cyber expertise and technological advancements in Information-Technology 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 3: forces the world to think his whims can go beyond North Korea in producing ripple effects 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 4: forces Barack Obama to take note, Obama-speak is in, criticizing Sony for pulling The Interview, and thus recognizing Kim’s growing stature – though Obama said the US will not bow down, he could not convince the Sony folks 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 5: forces John McCain, next Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee to declare Sony Hack an act of war – according to a CNN report, McCain is to hold a hearing into the Sony Hack episode

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 6: forces the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to go in hot pursuit of Sony Hack keyboard fingers

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 7: with Sony Hack, achieves what his perennially ill and undersized father Kim Jong-il and his grandfather Kim Il-Sung couldn't – forcing the top leadership of the US administration in serious thinking mode on an issue with a North Korean origin that is directly affecting America

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 8: after Nukes, tastes another blackmailing tool, and will certainly be emboldened with the outcome 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number.9: invents another way of illicit money flow inward, into the coffers of the elite nation of the Rogue League, in the glorious tradition of opium cultivation, drug-trafficking, printing and circulating counterfeit currency and many more 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 10: tells the world that his fetishes go beyond Nike sneakers

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 11: tells the world he can do much more than cutting and styling his own hair

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 12: tells the world he can do much more than killing his own people for the prosperity of North Korea and for maintaining the elite culture of its classes and masses  

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 13: tells the world how exclusive his interview is – it takes millions of US$ in investments and significant time, and even after that, Mr. Kim can pull it all down in one go 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 14: enriches the legacy f Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il, goes the extra mile for it 

Limping, oversized Kim Jong-un's achievement Number 15: with the Sony Hack, now don't ever say North Korea is a poor and technologically backward country – under the efficient leadership of Dennis Rodman loving Kim Jong-un, North Korea has moved on from the ‘tradition’ of ‘gifting’ DVD players and dry-fruit packets in bribes to top political, military and diplomatic personnel 

Heil Kim Jong-un..

(Image: ‘The Interview’ poster sourced from the Internet..)

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Friday, 19 December 2014



1. The United States had agreed to extend for one year the aid to Pakistan to fight terrorism on the condition that it would stop differentiating between good and bad terror. And the country’s most powerful person, the Army chief of Pakistan Raheel Sharif had extended this promise during his US visit. Yet, many big terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar, directly implicated in heinous terror acts in India, are roaming free and are even ‘respectable’ citizens there. We saw the Pakistani government’s attitude that allowed bail to Zaki-ur Rahman Lakhvi, main handler of the Mumbai 26/11 attacks, on technical grounds. This is when the US has put a bounty of US$ 10 million on Hafiz Saeed. This is when Masood Azhar, lodged in an Indian jail, was ‘exchanged’ in a hijacking incident. Isn’t Pakistan taking Uncle Sam for a ride?

2. There is no reason for the world community, for us, to think that the US is not aware of it. But apart from putting a reward and occasional back channel assurances, we don’t see any aggressive posturing by the US. Should we go by the explanation that when the US lawmakers demanded Pakistan to stop differentiating between ‘good and bad terror’, it was meant only in the context of Taliban and the AfPak theatre?

3. But can this narrow view of policymaking on terrorism serve the purpose of the US as well as of the Pakistan?

4. Also, can Pakistan ever be trusted to take on the terrorist networks operating to further its agenda in Afghanistan, especially the Haqqani network and the resurgent Taliban factions of Afghanistan that are eyeing greener pastures after the complete withdrawal of the internal coalition forces?

5. Pakistan has been vocally active on India’s role in Afghanistan and its perennial anti-India instance has been one of the major reasons for actively supporting the Afghanistan Taliban. Is this not a naïve thinking of the US policymakers that Pakistan will be able to overcome this anti-India psychosis to help the international forces wipe out the factors that it feels will help in bolstering its position in the internal matters of Afghanistan in the near future?

6. Is the terror discourse in the context of Pakistan is going to be ‘all Taliban and all terrorists active in Afghanistan are bad’ but ‘good terror Vs bad terror’ is also valid, to sustain and maintain the proxy war against India?

7. Hillary Clinton, the then US Secretary of State, had warned Pakistan sternly on its doublespeak on terrorism. Hillary’s blunt message delivered in Islamabad in October 2011 was: "It's like that old story. You can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbours. Eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard."  That was three years ago yet Pakistan kept a blind eye and is still doing the same, harbouring many snakes while trying to crush only a few. Pakistan just had one of its worst human tragedies with TTP attack on the Army school in Peshawar killing over 130 children. What else will it take for Pakistan to realize what Hillary so clearly warned then, the reality that Pakistan deliberately ignores to realize?

8. Can India expect a positive change in the US attitude on this ‘good terror Vs bad terror discourse in the Indian context’ after the recent improvements in India-US ties with Narendra Modi as the Indian Prime Minister? India and the US have warmed up to each other in real terms with Modi’s successful US visit in September and Barack Obama’s upcoming India visit in January next. What is remarkably positive change for the India-US ties this time is, that the US President is not extending his visit to Pakistan, something that has been a routine in the past. 

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Thursday, 18 December 2014



1. #IndiaWithPakistan, solidarity in the aftermath of a crisis like the Peshawar Army School attack is the only human response expected. But beyond that, what can be the possible implications of this attack for India?

2. It may be that to send the message to the Pakistan Army, the Taliban targeted an army school there, as they say, but what if the terror masterminds plan to do something like this in J&K or in other parts of India?

3. Indian Parliament was breached. Then we had 26/11 and many other such terror incidents. How disturbed and reactive should India be on this and how proactive it should act?

4. Hafiz Saeed, one of India's most wanted, with a reward of US$ 10 million on his head by the United States, is a respectable Pakistani citizen. For his rallies the Pakistani government deploys special trains. He is also the mastermind of the attacks on Indian Parliament in 2001 and in Mumbai in 2008 and India believes is guilt is established beyond doubt, something that Pakistan never accepts. Again, Hafiz Saeed is spewing venom against India using this human tragedy saying India is behind it and he would avenge it. What if Hafiz Saeed tries to collaborate with Taliban to perpetrate some terror act of this scale in India?

5. Another 26/11 attack mastermind, Zaki-ur Rahman Lakhvi, was given bail today and will walk free tomorrow. Wouldn't it embolden the likes of Hafiz Saeed even more?

6. India was in mourning, with Pakistan, on the tragedy and Parvez Musharraf, the dictator who ruled Pakistan from 1999 to 2008 and who gave humanity the dangerous 'good Taliban and bad Taliban' discourse has toed the Saeed line of blaming India though in a sophisticated way. He says RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, is backing Maulana Fazlullah, the TTP commander, for such terror attacks in Pakistan in collusion with Afghanistan. Isn't it preposterous even to think so given the fact that all the wars between India and Pakistan were initiated by Pakistan only, though it lost all? India is an economic power and an emerging global power and engaging in such acts only come back to you to harm more, Pakistan's experience tells us.

7. Isn't it disturbing, for Pakistan as well as for India, that no one from the mainstream Pakistani political leadership criticized or spoken against the rants of the likes of Pervez Musharraf and Hafiz Saeed?

8. Or a serious reaction by India by reading too much into the rants by the likes of Hafiz Saeed and Pervez Musharraf would be giving too much attention to them, beyond their worth,  when Pakistan is reeling under the pain of one of worst man-made human tragedies possible? Likes of Hafiz Saeed are always out to hurt India. India is on alert and needs to be more alert, as always happens, after a terror strike of this scale in Pakistan.

9. Many Indian cities and vital installations are on high alert. Already, there is an increased threat perception as the day of US President Barack Obama's India visit, around January 26, 2015, is coming near. How can this terror attack in Peshawar complicate things more for India?

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


In a palatial mansion, well fortified, with guards and otherwise, there is a wall, unplastered, of single row of bricks, looking ugly and totally out of place, like a blot on a serene landscape, like a patch on an Armani suit, waiting to be razed down.

On the inside of the wall, the villain, clad in a horse-riding sort of outfit, is vigorously trying to rape a woman. The woman is crying for help, in the mansion, guarded by a number of goondas in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Tension is building. Anger is simmering. When it reaches to the helping ears, away somewhere, riding on the waves of telepathy, it starts boiling. And the helping ears rush to help.

A big bang!! A loud noise is splashed across.

And the ugly, out of place bare bricks wall is suddenly down, receiving it's freedom, away from this palatial mansion that is phony by the standards of the existence of the wall.

Now, the helping ears are in, right on the job, righteously and earnestly, riding on the waves of emotionally charged energy.

An elephant in teens is in on rampage in the mansion, beating and throwing the goondas here and there, chasing the 'aspiring rapist' owner of the mansion.

He is the saviour and he is here now. The tension is reaching its crescendo. Chairs are clutched more tightly and eyes are fixated more emotively.

Though the goons are giving him a tough fight, he is outmatching them, making whirlwind rounds of the hall of the mansion, it's rooms, even running up the stairs.

As the good Vs evil fight progresses, more and more goondas are biting dust.

Now, the boiling point of anger is right here.

And the intensity of it has sent the goondas packing, broken and aching. Desperate and running, the 'aspiring-rapist' reaches to his gun somehow and is now taking aim.

 There is pin drop silence in the ambience. The watchers have left grazing midway.

But..but, while taking aim, the daddy goonda, the 'aspiring-rapist' had not seen the elephant in teens reaching right on his neck, charging towards him bringing down the pillars of the mansion in the hall, already uprooted by the sheer force of the teen elephant's anger and waiting to be pushed only to clear the way.

The saviour is upon him now, ready to snatch the gun. And lo n behold! The gun is snatched and thrown away by the saviour. The next moment, the daddy goonda is within full grip of our teen hero. In a stylishly choreographed move, he tosses the villain up and away.

Bang again! A glass wall is smashed down and the daddy goonda is on the floor of the next hall of the palatial mansion.

Now bruised and devoid of his supporting brigade, fear of life takes over him. He sees his death in the ferocious eyes of the saviour. He makes a speedy drift to run away, to find a way out, and there he goes, saving his life from the ongoing wrath of the saviour.

The atmosphere is emotionally supercharged now.

Finding the ground cleared, now the saviour, the elephant in teens, looks back for the lady and here she is, safe and unharmed.

It releases the tension of the grazers and they are back munching while watching the emotional reunion of the caller and the called.

Tears are in their natural free flow mode. Many of the viewers in the theatre are clapping, with tearful eyes. Some of them have left even their seats in the excitement of the emotionally supercharged ambience.

The chatter, relieved and excited at the same time, is praising the saviour for his heroism and its timeliness while graduating to the next scene.

The Classic Indian Masala Cinema 
Jai Ho Jai Ho

-- thoughts, forced to go expressive, while watching a random movie scene --

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -

Tuesday, 16 December 2014



1. The heart goes out to them. Even the God of death would cry. In uniforms to in caskets, how can anyone on Earth justify killing innocent school students in the name of avenging atrocities on his lot?

2. Pakistan today saw its worst ever terror strike where around 150 people lost their lives, most of them being the students, as per the latest reports, in Taliban attack on Army Public School in Peshawar. The toll may go up with over 200 injured in hospitals facing blood shortage. But, the big question is, can we say will it remain the worst ever terror strike of the country?

3. From targeting girl schools and girls in schools, now schools and students, irrespective of the gender, is Pakistan staring at the next wave of terror where nothing would be spared, not even children, in settling scores with the government or in pushing the terror agenda further?

4. Pakistan is a fractured nation. Its political chaos, lost in its military juggernaut has made the country directionless. The perpetual disagreement among its controlling institutions failed to check insurgency in its restive provinces and now it has engulfed the whole country. What precipitated today, and we cannot say it ends here - isn't it Pakistan's own making?

5. Afghanistan President Mohammad Najibullah had warned Pakistan of Taliban's grave dangers saying its flames would burn Pakistan. Soon Taliban swept Afghanistan and killed Najibullah in a public display of brutality. Pakistan created Taliban and now Taliban is trying to undo an already chaotic Pakistan. Isn't it?

6. Isn't it the high time, the wakeup call for Pakistan to look at and treat terror as 'terror', not differentiating it in categories like 'good terror' or 'bad terror' or 'good Taliban' or 'bad Taliban'?

7. What Pakistan has become today - a country infested with terror, by its own doings. Doesn't it once again prove the established dangers of 'state sponsored terror' as a policy tool?

8. After the attack today, Pakistan has vowed to hit back and its military launched air strikes in North Waziristan, based on actionable intelligence. But given the scale of Taliban attack today and another blast in Peshawar in the evening, what would be Pakistan's backup plans to thwart any further big attack?

9. Is Pakistan equipped to gauge and thwart suicidal terror attacks of this scale on large social institutions and gatherings? Its political institutions have been in disarray and are week. Its military is engaged in fighting on many unnecessary fronts, including Pakistan military sponsored terror export in India, Afghanistan and other South Asian countries. The flares are reaching even to China and Iran. 

10. Is it still foolhardy to expect if Pakistan's military and political establishments would be forced to think on their long cherished patronage of the terror apparatus in their country after this barbaric Monday? 

 ©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -

Monday, 15 December 2014


Like she asks and like I love to do, my 11 year old Niece Saijashi came with an assignment for me this time in the season of Christmas, to write a poem on Christmas for her, to be delivered by Monday morning. Due to my own set of lazy reasons (no reasons in fact), I was left with just a night the last night to deliver the output. The last night, even if it followed a sleepless night and an exhausting day, the laziness had no excuses left but to sit and write. The only help was her beautiful smile and the potion worked to keep me awake till I could write it.

I had to write the poem accommodating these words: Jesus, Santa, Christmas Tree, Sledge, Snow, Clouds, Stars, Bells, Jingle, Sky, Santa Cap, Cakes, Candles, Light..

Here is what I could write with sleepy eyes and an exhausted mind, and therefore, hope to rework it, as it is still more than a week for the Christmas day. 


The sky is lit bright
On this colourful night
Musical air comes to meet
We are up for the family treat
It's the time, bells are jingling
It's the time, joys are mingling
Dancing with the Tree of life
Rhyming with its candles' light
Yes, It's the Santa time again
It's the sledge ride again
To the stars, through the snow
In the clouds, there we go
In the Santa caps, in the Santa reds
For the Santa socks, for the Xmas cakes
Yes, it's the night of Christmas
Lets write our prayers to Jesus
For the light of his wisdom
Let's sing our midnight psalm
The sky is lit bright
Yes, it's the Christmas night

 ©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -

Sunday, 14 December 2014


First thoughts on The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies or The Hobbit 3 or simply Hobbit3..

The final chapter is delivered better than the previous two (An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug) but all three installments fail to capture the J R R Tolkien masterpiece (The Hobbit) the way Peter Jackson could do with The Lords of The Rings books.

The Battle had interesting moments but didn’t look epic on screen.

The development of characters further in this part and the development of events leading to the grand finale give a feeling that something is missing, is incomplete.

It didn’t give the feeling of watching a complete movie in itself, a milestone of the three TLOTR movies. Yes, the three installments of TLOTR are incomplete without each other and a jump from one to other bypassing the next renders the story meaningless for someone who wants to see the story to its end but each narrative is weaved in a way that we don’t feel that we are watching an incomplete work while watching the movies separately. We don’t get the feeling of ‘something’ missing here, something that Peter Jackson couldn’t do with The Hobbit. 

Yes, still a much better production than routine Hollywood studio Sci-Fi, superhero and fantasy flicks with finesse in use of colours, frame elements, camera and technical tools, a sort of weariness can be traced from TLOTR movies to The Hobbit movies.

A book into three movies Vs three books into three movies – a possible reason for the fallout!

Will Peter Jackson take up more Tolkien stories?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Debating if joint Peace Nobel an Indian and a Pakistani could bring India and Pakistan to good terms when its ministers don't know who Kailash Satyarthi is!!

Since October 10 when it was announced, the implications and prospects of an Indian and a Pakistani sharing the Peace Nobel were being debated regularly. On December 10, when the award presentation ceremony was being held in Oslo, it made for one of the major headlines again.

Now, Malala Yousafzai is not in Pakistan and no one knows when she would be able to return to her country given the kind of religious orthodoxy there that is hostile to the thoughts of equality of women.

But Kailash Satyarthi is very much in India. His whole life and activism has been in India. Yes, he was not widely known. But his outreach increased manifold after the Peace Nobel announcement that he was awarded jointly with Malala on December 10.

But it seems he is still not widely known, to the extent that politicians and ministers from his own state know him by his work and name.

It was funny and interesting and good enough for satirical slapstick stuff.

Incidentally, some politicians and ministers of Madhya Pradesh, the state Kailash Satyarthi comes from, congratulated Kailash Vijayvargiya, urban administration and development minister of Madhya Pradesh, who is also known for making controversial and 'in bad social taste' statements regularly, for 'receiving' the Nobel Peace Prize.

A report in Hindustan Times wrote: Minister for animal husbandry, food processing and public health engineering Kusum Mehadele, tribal welfare minister Gyan Singh and a few MLAs lauded 'Kailash Vijayvargiya's achievements' saying it is a matter of pride for the state and their fraternity.

Another minister observed that his party had many other worthy contenders of the award and they should also get it while congratulating Vijayvargiya.

One of them saw work done by Vijayvargiya in Indore as the reason behind Nobel Committee’s decision while the other one tried to reach closer to make his answer as logical as possible, as far as his wisdom allowed him, saying Mr. Vijayvargiya got the award as a result of his extensive social work. We need to dig more to know on Nobel Committee’s connection with Indore!

The ignorance was bliss not just for Vijayvargiya’s party members, Bhartiya Janata Party. A Bahujan Samaj Party MLA (member of the legislative assembly) mused: Vijayvargiya could get Nobel only because of his party’s government in the state as well as at the centre otherwise his work was not up to the stature of the Nobel Prize.

Though Nobel is an annual talking point, we will find ‘plenty’ of happy and wise Indians including their elected representatives bathing in the sea of ‘blissful’ ignorance on what a Nobel Peace Prize is. Deliberating on the fine print behind the decision to ‘select the recipients’ is a natural far cry in such cases.

And we are debating the nuances of the decision of the five-member Norwegian Nobel Committee to award jointly an Indian, Kailash Satyarthi, and a Pakistani, Malala Yousafzai, the Peace Nobel 2014.

We are debating if the joint Peace Nobel decision to an Indian and a Pakistani could bring India and Pakistan to good terms when its ministers and representatives, elected to make and implement policies to run the state at its various levels of governance, don't know who Kailash Satyarthi is, an activist with a long career and from their own state, not even after October 10, 2014, when his name was announced for the Nobel Peace Prize and he was on TV channels and in newspapers. Even a one-on-one with Narendra Modi could not help Mr. Satyarthi to become a ‘heard’ name for the dignitaries!

A random survey among the elected representatives at all levels, in all states and at Union, for sure, would return with interesting and insightful information.

These hilarious video clips are self-explanatory. Watch it and work on your thoughts with the smile it brings. 


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -

Friday, 12 December 2014


Time had stayed on, the night was here to stay
Isolated, thoughts were alone in a nowhere precinct
It was warmer there than the cold visage bestrewed
Silence had never been so tender and perfervid
For thoughts to speak out their vestal assertions
Forced by the vicissitude and enamoured by the lay
Time had to change the countenance it had had so far
Thoughts had met their bard under the waxing moon
In the loneliness of the night's nowhere gallery
Beginning a conversation silence had always sought
The night had just arrived and was here to stay.. 


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -